Protest against the 7th anniversary of the 709 CCP detention of human rights attorneys (Event Announcement)


Attorney – Maintain equality before the law and recognize the law’s fairness and justice. Attorney – To uphold social fairness, defend human rights, and advance democracy and the rule of law.

In China, there is such a group of attorneys. To protect justice, defend human rights, assert their mission, and provide legal aid to those in need, they have supported their mission and assisted others in defending their rights. On July 9, 2015, the Communist Party across the nation arrested and prosecuted these attorneys.

We call on everyone around the world who support peace and justice to oppose the persecution of these lawyers by the Communist Party’s wicked rule and to demand that the Communist Party immediately free the imprisoned lawyers and grant them justice.

Those who control the pay of everyone should not allow them to freeze and fight in the snow and wind. Those who pave the route for liberty must protect them from thorns.

Participants: Anyone who supports and opposes the Communist Party is welcome to attend, as are individuals from all walks of life who value peace, freedom, democracy, and justice. We band together to speak up for justice. All kinds of slogans created by participants are allowed to bring them along!


1. The organizer will deliver a protest speech, lead everyone in chanting slogans (mainly in English) and create T-shirts supporting the 709 human rights attorneys.

2. Pay special attention to the recent imprisonment of Xu Guang, a China Democracy Party member.

3. Participants are allowed to speak freely (limited to 3 minutes per person).

4. Send leaflets about the 709 incident to international friends to let them know that under the governance of CCP, there is no law but persecution.

5. Collect signatures for the petition letter, then send the signed letter to the UN Human Rights Council and numerous human rights organizations, requesting that pressure be placed on the Chinese government to release the remaining 709 attorneys.

6. Action drama: Reenact the terrifying moment of the 709 arrests.

Event convenor: Lijian Jie +1 (929) 498-9936
Event convenor: Xin Xu +1 (949) 606-3977
Event convenor: Zhili Liu +1 (626) 210-9409
Event convenor: Yi Li +1 (657) 239-5460

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Date: July 9, 2022 (Saturday)
Address: Hollywood Walk of Fame Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (50 meters from Chinese Theatre)
GPS: 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028




在中國就有這樣的一群律師,為了伸張正義、維護人權、捍衛自己的使命、為需要幫助的人們提供法律的幫助,可是就是因為他們捍衛了自己的使命,就是因為他們幫助了人們進行維權,共產黨這個惡魔,在2015 年7月9日這天,在全國對這些律師進行抓捕和迫害。











召集人:界立建 +1 (929) 498-9936
召集人:徐欣 +1 (949) 606-3977
召集人:劉志利 +1 (626) 210-9409
召集人:李毅 +1 (657) 239-5460

時間:3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
導航地址:6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028





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