[Announcement] Global solidarity with the rescue hero Peng Zaizhou to protest against the tyranny of the CCP.


Before the CCP’s 20 Major Crimes and Dirty Conference, Peng Zaizhou (Peng Lifa), the national hero, gave his greatest roar to the CCP’s tyranny at Sitong Bridge which brings hope to thousands and millions of people. Peng Zaizhou is not alone and brave. The global righteous people are with you. The Chinese people in Los Angeles organized a protest for supporting Peng Zaizhou. It is a responsibility of conscience. Don’t let the hero cry and bleed alone. Let’s light the torch of freedom and join hands to destroy the tyranny of the CCP.

Event Date: November 12, 2022 (Saturday)
Event time: 1:30 pm (afternoon)
Address: Meet at Ding Pangzi Square, Monterey Park, Los Angeles, USA.
104 N Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754
Event Call: Lijian Jie +1 (929) 498-9936
Event host: Jianbin Huang +1 (626) 241-5640
Media PR: Han Wang +1 (213) 524-2507
Event Safety: Shaowei Wu +1 (858) 717-6715



活動時間:1:30 PM(下午)
地址:美國洛杉磯蒙特雷帕克(Monterey Park)丁胖子廣場集合。
104 N Garfield Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754
活動召集:界立建 +1 (929) 498-9936
活動主持:黃建濱 +1 (626) 241-5640
媒體公關:王涵 +1 (213) 524-2507
活動安全:吳少偉 +1 (858) 717-6715





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