The Fifth Anniversary of Ink Festival on July the 4th (announcement)


Brief: The chairman of Chinese Communist Party Jinping Xi had no charisma and personality, who only graduated from elementary school and buy his PHD degree. He is always ashamed of his degree being exposed to the public. As a result, he read the manuscript when holding the conference, he recited the quotation when holding the reception. Even if his secretary made annotation, he still made mistake frequently. Jinping Xi needs making up for cultural knowledge, starting with knowing simple word, returning back to elementary school.

Chinese people long for a leader under democratic election, not the one who was ingrained with a ten-year culturalrevolution in the early 1970s and raised the disaster to its people and the whole world. Jinping xi ignore the human life and granted the permission to the military department in charge of the virus experiment on Chinese people. As soon as the outbreak of the virus in Wuhan as well as wide spread to every corner of mainland China, local authority hid the truthon purpose, blocked the information, and ignored a large numbers of death. In the meantime, the Wuhan authority allowed local community to hold 10,000 banquets during Covid-19, resulting in the wide infection from people in mainland China to the globe.

As a person who lived a life from birth in mainland China, we all are brainwashed and slaved by this evil authoritarian regime. We hold ritual by means of splashing ink to the dictator of mainland China, imitating the party’s followers Manan Si and Xijing Hu, and recommending book lists to Jinping Xi for culture and involvement in the human society. We act as action art by sending away the God of Plague to end the ruling of Chinese Communist Party, to return back to civilization, and to stop the jeopardy of the whole human society. In consequence, Ink Festival emerges on the historical stage.

Activity prize:
One winner for Jinping Xi as God of Plague of $250.
Two winners for Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesmenHuachun Ying and Lijian Zhao of $50, respectively.
Two winners for party’s followers Manan Si and Xijing Hu of $25, respectively.
Ten winters for party’s followers of $1, respectively.
Twenty winter for party’s followers of $0.5, respectively.

Activity speech:
The first prize winter wears mask of Jinping Xi to imitate Xi’s speech. The second prize winters continue to imitate the figure roles’ speech in sequence. Last are the party followers’splashing ink and petition and singing the song.

Participants and bystanders’ engagement in splashing ink and dart:
1. The origin of the Ink Festival. Looking for Yaoqiong Dong. Advocating the immediate release of all politicalprisoners.
2. Protesting against the crimes Chinese Communist Party made to its people and the invasion of Russia to Ukraine.
3. Delivering the photo through the air to reveal the Chinese Communist Party’s virus over the globe.
4. Participants and bystanders engage in splashing ink using water gun towards dictators Jinping Xi and Putin. We do the right thing for those who have been suffering from injustice.
5. Tearing both of dictators’ photos, meaning the subversion and elimination of the few evil totalitarian regimes on this planet.

Ink Festival purpose: We perform action art to warn the next generation by means of Ink Festival and sending away God of Plague. Jinping Xi and its party are not only the jeopardy of Chinese people, but also a disaster to the whole world, like Covid-19 virus. Jinping Xi launched terrorism policies to suppress any political dissenters in every corner of its territories of mainland China, and exercised hegemony for its foreign policy. Chinese Communist Party now is the number one international terrorism organization, and its influence and secret agents have penetrated every corner of this world. Their secrets agents kidnapped and assassinated political dissenters over the globe, trying to subverting other countries’ civilization, resulting in the final ruling of the whole world under its blueprint. We should take actions immediately to send away God of Plague and defend the freedom and human rights on this planet.

Ink Festival background: On July the 4th in 2018 round 6 a.m., a girl named Yaoqiong Dong stood in front of the larger poster of Jinping Xi located in the HNA building in Shanghai, splashing ink while shouting out her voice that “I am against Jinping Xi’s dictatorship. I hate him. I am splashing ink against its photo. How does he dare to treat me? I am waiting for you here to arrest me. I am alone and standing here.”

This girl and his father have got lost after the event to this day, and no one knows if they are still alive. Sending any political dissenters to the mental disorder hospitals and executingpersecution are common methods of Chinese Communist party, and mental disorder hospital is treated as the Nazi poisonous gas chamber to persecute Chinese political dissenters. We are in support of looking for Yaoqiong Dong and any lost political dissenters in mainland China and advocate human rights.

The next day of the event (the date of July the 4th in U.S.), American Value Guard Alliance took the lead in launching the first 704 splashing ink festival. Since then, every year on July the 4th, Chinese American and locals come to ChineseConsulate General in the U.S. to carry out the Ink Festival for entertainment, expressing their dissatisfaction with the those in power through slashing ink to the dictator’s portrait photos.

Jinping Xi booklist seminar
China Democracy Party
Hong Kong Forum
Dialogue China (Think Tanker)
American Value Guard Alliance

Principal: Lijian Jie +1 (929) 498-9936
Principal: Li Xie +1 (626) 232-5595
Principal: Jianbin Huang +1 (626) 241-5640
Principal: Yalan Ren +1 (626) 342-6556

Date and Time: 04:00 – 05:30 p.m. Monday, 07/04/2022
Address: 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028













活動召集人:界立建 +1 (929) 498-9936
活動召集人:謝莉 +1 (626) 232-5595
活動召集人:黃建濱 +1 (626) 241-5640
活動召集人:任雅蘭 +1 (626) 342-6556

時間:4:00 PM – 5:30 PM 下午(星期一)
導航:6801 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028 





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