Covid-19, a super war that Subverted President Trump 新冠病毒,一場顛覆川普總統的超級戰爭

Author: Zhenhua Yin, Translator: Linda


As we all know, America was ever a nation on the peak. The light it emitted illuminated the world and gave hope to people living in the prison of their minds. However. But since 1963, after the Supreme Court expelled the BIBLE-Creation Theory from public school systems, the Theory of Evolution, has almost monopolized the schools system, leaving future generations of the United States without a guide, and their moral character has declined sharply. This nation of America has It started to shake.

In 1972, President Nixon visited China, and the U.S. diplomacy led by Kissinger underwent fundamental changes. It no longer regarded the CCP as an enemy, but as a cooperative partner. Therefore, in 1979, they abandoned their traditional allies——The Republic of China (Taiwan) established diplomatic relations with CCP. In 1991, after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the CCP became the axis of evil in the world and ranked second in strength in the world; but the United States’ diplomacy was still Kissinger’s line (this Jew is an old friend of the CCP and the leader of all those who are bound in China) enemies). That is to say: “Since then, the U.S. government has abandoned the tradition of impartiality and righteousness and blended it with the big red dragon.” In other words: “The United States has now been fully infiltrated by the CCP and has become riddled with holes (the same is true for Taiwan).

For example: Christine Fang, a female spy, captured a group of American dignitaries. It is against this backdrop that Covid-19 broke out.

1. What is “new coronavirus”?

a. Washington Post 2020/1/24:

Xiao Han, an Israeli intelligence officer who specializes in studying the Chinese Communist Party’s biological and chemical weapons, revealed that the COVID-19 that occurred this time is very similar to SARS (SARS) in 2003 and is extremely contagious to humans; the difference from SARS: it seems to have been replaced Four key proteins were lost. That is to say: “These four proteins have mutated. There are only two possibilities for mutation: 1. Natural mutation. 2. Artificial intervention. If it is a natural mutation, these four proteins will have to undergo at least 10,000 qualitative changes. This is not true.” It’s possible. In other words: COVID is an upgraded version of SARS. So the question is, who upgraded the SARS virus?

b. Google search: Virus function upgrade research:

In one year, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) led by Anthony Fauci (hereinafter referred to as Party B) received a grant of US$3.1 million, and they transferred US$599,000 to the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Party A) , specifically used to fund: “Work to identify and transform bat coronaviruses that can infect humans.” It can be seen that COVID was jointly developed by the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Party A) and Fauci’s representative (Party B). They upgraded the SARS virus.

(Robert kennedy jr: The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) ultimately provided about $26 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology; but USAID, as a CIA agent, funded more than $64 million.)

Please note: Huge sums of money from the CIA and NIH are involved; therefore, Fauci’s agency is only in name.

Question: What do they want to do by working together to enhance the virus? Who is the force behind it?

2. President Trump’s situation before the 2020 election

1). Data released by the U.S. Department of Labor in December 2019: the unemployment rate was 3.5%.

2). The United States’ oil production hit a record, reaching 12.26 million barrels per day, making it the world’s largest oil producer; gasoline averages US$2.60 per gallon.

3.) Wall Street stocks in 2019: the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 22.34%, the S&P 500 Index rose 28.88%, and the Nasdaq Composite Index rose 35.23%.

4). Under the guidance of Trump’s new policy, the US military in Syria fulfilled its mission, defeated the extremist organization Islamic State, and successfully withdrew its troops; it also launched a trade war against China, which has achieved initial results.

5). President Trump has never launched a war with any foreign country. He has one goal: to make America great again. Barring any major accidents, he will be re-elected. However, a long-planned drama that will affect the world is about to take place…

3. Memo:

1). 2019/9/19, special report of “Things Around Wuhan”:

On the 18th of this month, a critically ill patient was found at Tianhe Airport. Customs immediately launched an emergency plan. Two hours later, the emergency center reported back that the patient was diagnosed as “new coronavirus.” This is an emergency response drill held in Wuhan. In a practical form, it simulates the entire process of discovering a COVID infected person at the airport port.

2). Dr. Li Wenliang, the first covid-19 whistleblower

On December 30, 2019, Li issued a warning to his colleagues via WeChat that he had discovered a virus similar to SARS. This was the ethical conduct of a doctor, but he was immediately reprimanded by the police. He died on February 7, 2020. He was only 34 years old. This was a murder.

It can be seen from this that the CCP began to spread poison before December 30, 2019; and designated this day as: D-day.

3). Wanjia Banquet

On January 18, 2020, under the planning of Wuhan Baibuting Neighborhood Committee, a banquet for thousands of families was held; media reports: one main venue, 9 branch venues, more than 40,000 families participated; people sang and danced with great momentum (this is a very effective way of communication).

4). On February 5 of the same year, Brookings Institution researcher David Dowler said in “American Watch”: “From the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government concealed it for seven weeks before taking action.”

4. Covid-19 and the 2020 US election

From the above, it is obvious that the CCP concealed the news about the virus at first. Now if we analyze it, we can see its motives; they want the virus to continue to ferment, spread, and spread in order to achieve the purpose of causing chaos in the world. Therefore, starting from D-Day, Covid-19 spread freely throughout China without warning, first torturing the people to divert attention; then, an operation of “hiding the truth and seizing power in chaos” began, and the entire The world seems to be coming to an end. These are the 36 strategies in Chinese culture, which are designed to murder opponents; what is directly affected is the 2020 US election.

The first question: What do they want to do by working together to enhance the virus? Now the truth has finally emerged, and it’s a huge conspiracy.

As we all know, elections are conducted under the sun to prevent fraud. However, the outbreak of Covid-19 caused panic among the American public; therefore, the Democrats took advantage of this and launched a bill to expand mail-in voting (this is their secret weapon); the Republicans were in disarray and had to compromise.

Note: U.S. mail-in ballots are targeted at special groups, such as overseas military personnel.

But now everything has changed, that is to say: “Because of the outbreak of Covid-19, the traditional rules of the game have been destroyed, and an electoral system based on the spirit of contract has been destroyed; replaced by black box operations and intrigues among politicians .”

1): The Democratic Party printed a huge amount of mail-in ballots (Biden alone has 80 million).

2): Vigorously promote and use “multiple tricky voting machines” to replace manual supervision.

3): FB’s CEO spent about $500 million to engage in a “multi-trick system” and vote acquisition.

4): The Democratic Party arbitrarily postponed the deadline for the general election vote.

5): Create a Biden curve at a critical moment. (Who did it?)

Explanation: With the Biden Curve, you can tell lies with common sense; because common sense is human experience and can detect lies. The point is: collective inaction when obvious fraud occurred.

For example: The Trump legal team, led by Mayor Giuliani, collected mountains of evidence, but after submitting it to the district court, circuit court and Supreme Court, it was not accepted.

Example 2: The inaction of Congress only cares about the interests of the party group and does not look at the facts. Especially at the critical moment, the Republican Party compromised again and recognized the results of fraud. Main person responsible: Senate Majority Leader McConnell (his wife, Elaine Chao, has huge interests with the CCP).

I would like to ask: What does this collective inaction mean? Was it collusion? The force behind it is undoubtedly the raging DS (Deep State). It can not only control the world’s public opinion, but also has super comprehensive strength; this time it has finally been exposed.

5. COVID-19, a super war to subvert President Trump

Who makes the sun shine on the earth? Who makes plants and animals follow their own kind? And who gave people reason, free will and morality so that they can manage the world? Wise people believe that there is a Creator.

DeepState is the same organization as the CCP. It is a group of evolutionists. In addition to encouraging Antifa and Black Lives Matter to disrupt the order of the United States, it also vigorously promotes LGBT. In particular, it targets underage children in public schools, which is a heinous crime. Today, they are vigorously promoting globalization and the Great Reset, which is the new Tower of Babel and economic unification that will destroy the barriers of countries, destroy thousands of years of tradition, and destroy local economies.

This time they were able to not only receive huge funds from the National Institutes of Health and the CIA to study and enhance SARS, which had brought major disasters to parts of China, but also jointly planned the Covid-19 global pandemic with the CCP; This is related to their failure in the 2016 general election. At that time, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was in the ascendant, but they never expected that a dark horse, Trump, who was outside the Washington circle, would emerge and win. That is to say: “It was Trump who broke their plans and the tranquility of the Washington swamp, especially his conservative idea of ​​making America great again, which made DS restless.” Therefore, not many days after President Trump took office, a “Russian collusion” incident was fabricated in an attempt to impeach him.

At this time, Zhang Shousheng, an important figure in the “Thousand Talents Plan”, committed suicide. If Trump is re-elected and the investigation continues, the CCP’s spy network in the United States may suffer heavy losses. Therefore, they must take down President Trump; thus, a long-planned criminal operation has entered a countdown.


1): Party A who jointly developed the “new coronavirus” is: CCP’s Wuhan Institute of Virology;

Party B is: DS named under Fauci, can be determined.

2): Those who jointly planned the Covid-19 global pandemic are: CCP and DS, which can be determined.

3): It is certain that the person who deliberately released the “new coronavirus” is: the CCP.
(It is not ruled out that DS spreads poison in the United States)

4): Taking advantage of Covid-19 to undermine the rules of the election: Democrats, for sure.

5): It is the CCP’s methods that create Sichuan fans and Sichuan blacks, and make Americans fight against each other.

6): What creates the Biden curve is: DS, which can be determined.

7): Those who use illegal means to steal state power are: the Democratic Party and DS. It can be determined.

It can be seen from this: Covid-19 is a joint war between DS and the CCP. Purpose: To ensure the election of their agents. And, they have succeeded and forced Americans to accept Biden.

That being the case, it is certain that the CCP has directly interfered in the 2020 U.S. election. Therefore, it can be said: “Covid-19 is a war between DS and CCP to subvert President Trump; it is a super war that attempts to control the center of power in Washington for a long time.”

6. May America be great again

Let’s talk about the Chinese here. After the outbreak of Covid-19, the CCP immediately launched a “health code” system (electronic shackles), which made it difficult for all ordinary people to move. In addition to locking down the city, building and residence, and lacking food, they may also be arrested and put into cabins. The sound of jumping from buildings is endless, and there are also white guards who do all kinds of evil. If you ask where is hell? Just in China, there are a group of bodies that have been deprived of their souls.

The strange thing is: for four years, governments around the world have almost remained silent on this top priority matter related to the life and health of all mankind. Tedros of the WHO has completely lost his professional ethics and followed Beijing’s lead. And now, Covid-19 has suddenly disappeared, with only one explanation: the virus was under their control. In other words: “The strategic purpose of unleashing Covid-19 has been achieved.”

To sum up, these two combined forces are so huge. One is communist totalitarianism, and the other is DeepState under the guise of democracy. This time, in order to obtain the throne of the US President in 2020, they released COVID-19 to the world this is a sin. Monstrous; the chief director behind it is undoubtedly Xi Jinping, and there is no one else but him. He is playing a big game, and he is trying to control the whole world. Second is DS. Judging from the Biden curve and the Georgia curve, we know that they have controlled the US electoral system (this is still the case in the United States, as can be imagined in other countries). As for the millions of lives lost to the “new coronavirus”, in the eyes of the tyrant, it is just a number.

There is the power of light and the power of Satan in this world; the two never stop fighting against each other. The point is: in the battle between good and evil, the silent majority is at the center of the fight. Therefore, as a person with a soul and a thoughtful mind, you must uphold wisdom, distinguish between good and evil, and avoid being a fool. Let me ask you this: If America were completely controlled by Satan, where would there be any cities of refuge in this world?

Now, the truth has been revealed, and the choice is before everyone; at the same time, the horn is about to sound, and this is a decisive battle between justice and evil: one side is the traditional power represented by Trump and the American people; the other side is the armed forces To the big red dragon and DS with teeth; there is only one winner.

A line of words is engraved on the dome of the Jefferson Memorial: “On the altar of God, I swear to be an enemy of all tyranny that seeks to slaughter mankind!”

May justice be like rolling waters and righteousness be like the roaring waves of rivers!

May America be great again!





例:一個女間諜方芳(Christine Fang),就虜獲了一批美國的政要。正是在這背景下Covid-19爆發了。





某年度,福奇(Anthony Fauci)領導的美國國家過敏和傳染病研究所(NIAID),以下簡稱乙方,獲得了310萬美元的撥款,它們將59.9萬美元轉給了武漢病毒所(甲方),專門用於資助:“識別和改造可感染人類的蝙蝠冠狀病毒的工作。”由此可知,“新冠”是武漢病毒所(甲方)與福奇所代表的(乙方)共同研製的,是它們將SARS病毒升級的。

(小甘迺迪 (Robertkennedyjr):美國國立衛生研究院(NIH)最終向武漢病毒所提供了約2600萬美元;但作為中央情報局(CIA)代理人的美國國際開發署資助超過了6400萬美元。)






























































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